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Module 5 Unit 1 Getting along with others

第一课时 Words and Expressions (1)


1. 熟练掌握词汇betray-before long         2. 了解部分词汇的用法并熟练运用




betray____________(n.)                                   cheer____________(adj.)

admit_________(n.)__________(p.t/p.p)            beg_________(n.)

swear_________(p.t) _________(p.p)         true_________(adv.) _________(n.)

forgive_________(p.t) _________(p.p)              sincere__________________(adv.)

horrible __________________(adv.)           guilty__________________(n.)

cruel__________________(n.)                          argue__________________(n.)

apologize__________________(n.)                    gifted__________________(n.)

agreement__________________()           athletic ______________(n)


1. betray sth/sb.         betray sth/sb to sb. .

2. pretend   pretend to do (be) sth/ not to do sth / to be doing sth / that 从句

  The students pretended __________________ (read) when the teacher came in.

  He pretended _________________________ (没有听说过) about it.

3. admit admit sth/ doing sth 承认(做)某事

   admit sb into/ to … 允许某人进入;→ sb be admitted to 接纳、录取

4. beg 请求,恳求  beg sb to do sth

5. swear   swear to do sth/+that从句 发誓要做某事

   swear to God/ on my life/ on the Bible 对上帝发誓、以自己的生命发誓、手按圣经发誓

6. forgive   forgive sb / forgive sb for sth 原谅某人、原谅某人做了某事

           forgive and forget 不计前嫌

7. focus n. 焦点,中心 v. (使)聚焦;集中注意力于

   focus on = center on = concentrate on 全神贯注于

   focus / fix one’s attention/ mind/ eyes on 把注意力/思想/目光集中于

With his attention ________ (focus) on his study, he didn’t notice the thief come in.

8. keep pace with


记日记 ________________                     遵守诺言 ________________

跟上,赶上 ________________         阻止某人做某事 ________________

We have to keep costs down. ________________

I’ve told him to keep away from the computer, but he won’t listen. ________________

The manager kept back $100 from my salary. ________________

Keep off the grass. ________________

I wish he had just kept to the point. ________________

Try to keep up! Or you will fall behind. ______________

The rain kept up all afternoon. ________________

9. manner  方式,方法

_____ this way = ______ this manner = ______ this means = _____ this method


It is good manners to do sth  是礼貌的。mind one’s manners 注意礼貌      

10. guilty      be guilty of / 错误        be guilty about 感到内疚

11. cruel对某人残忍____________________________


12.   dislike     dislike ______________(do) sth   不喜欢干某事

               I dislike ______________ when people speak with their mouths full.

13.   argue _________________________________因为某事与某人争论

           argue for  赞成                     argue against反对

14.   apologize apologize to sb for sthdoing sth.=make an apology to sb for sth/doing sth 

15.   sensitive               be sensitive to敏感

16.   envy      v.    envy sb sth  嫉妒/羡慕某人某物 

      n.    He was sure that others looked at him with envy

17.   blame    v. ①责备,谴责;把归咎子

      blame sb for sth/ doing sth因为某事责备某人

      blame sth on sb   把某事归咎于某人

__________ (blame)for the failurehe was very low

sb be to blame (for…)某人因某事该受责备



   n. 过失,责备      put the blame for sth on sb 将某事归咎于某人

18.   gifted      一个有天赋的钢琴家____________________________

be gifted at/in=have a gifttalent for  对…有天赋

19.   disagreement   v. disagree    与某人意见不一致 ____________________

      be in disagreement/ agreement  with  与…意见()一致   

______________/ ______________/ ______________ an agreement达成协议

20.   before long=by and by=soon   不久之后

    long before很久之前    __________________________他很久之前就离开了武汉。

第二课时Reading Secrets and lies


 1.阅读并充分理解课文内容        2.掌握阅读中一些基本的词组搭配


【教学重点】部分句型的运用     【教学难点】动词不定式的省略



1.I ______________(我听起来肯定对自己自豪) of myself after the quiz, saying                             how easy it was and how l was sure to get a good grade

  They _______________________ behind my back yesterday. 他们一定在背后嘲笑我。

  He must have left his wallet in the bookshop, _____________?

  He must be Mr. Li, __________________?

2. I thought that Hannah must have told my classmates about my grade after promising not to


      I asked him to go with mebut he_____________________(但他不想去)

      Did you attend the party last night.

      —I _____________________,but an unexpected visitor came(我打算去的)

如果不定式中含有be/ have, 通常保留be/ have

Are you a teacher?    Nobut I______________. (但我过去是)

3.He got annoyed, saying that it wasn't his fault…… and that I shouldn’t talk to him in that manner


4.Football is very important to me, but ___________________ (友谊对我们也很重要)

    ——He works very hard at his English.

      ——________________________________ (他的确如此,你也是这样)

    ——Do you know Tom quarreled with his brotherlast week?

        ——I don’t know________________________ (我也不关心)

    ——He is from America and he wants to know something about china.


    If he goes there, ________________________ (我也去).

    ——He looks hot and dry     ——So________ you if you had a high fever

5.Since we arguedhe hasn’t spoken to me even though we sit next to each other.

    It ishas been+一段时间+since sb did sth

    It is two years since we arrived here________________________________

    It is five years since he smoked ________________________________




1. be determined to win  下决心要赢

2.be worth doing=be worthy of being done=be worthy to be done 值得做某事

3. accuse me of some bad things控诉我不好的一些方面

4. make some cruel remarks说了一些残忍的话,做了一些残忍的评论

5. embarrass you in public  在公开场合下令你感到难堪

6. feel bad about not being as gifted at football as you are


7.The problem lies with you. 问题在于你。

第三课时Words and Expressions(2)


1.熟练掌握词汇mailbox—apology     2.了解部分词汇的用法并熟练运用


【教学难点】get相关短语的复习;end up doing的用法


amusement________________(v.)              identity________________ (v.)

hope________/________(adj.)         overcome________(p.t) ________(p.p)

cautious________________(n.)      adolescent________________(汉语)

respond_______________(n.)                  security________________ (adj.)

revision ________________(n.)           mercy ________________ (adj.)


1.    amusement 娱乐,消遣 ________________________让某人觉得好笑的是

      v. amuse 逗乐,弄笑;给带来乐趣

    Lucy has a good sense of humor and always keeps her colleagues (同事) ________ (amuse)with her stories.

2.    overcome=________________           

3.    get through:___________________________________________________

     I tried to call him, but I couldn't get through to him anyway. ____________________

     Word came that most of the students got through the exam. ___________________

     I will be with you as soon as I get through this work. ___________________

     (1) The teacher was unable to ________ his meaning ________ ________ the class.

     (2) Don't you think it's time we ___________________ (开始认真做)doing business?

    (3) With Mary helping me __________ the difficulties, I can finish the task in advance.

     (4) It's harvest (收获) time, and we should________________ the crops.

     (5) My work is ________________________ (进展) better now.

     (6) The story has got around--- everybody knows about it. _________

    (7) He used to be afraid of height, but he has got over that now. _____________

    (8) Now he was dead, and I couldn’t get away from my sadness. _____________

4.    acquaintance  make the acquaintance of sb = make sb's acquaintance 结识某人

5.    attitude    采取积极的态度___________________________________________

6.    anchor          be anchored in = be rooted in  扎根于中;源于

7.    be based on

     on the basis of 作为根据(做状语)

     We carried out the research ________ ________ ________ ________ his findings.

     We carried out the research ________________________ his findings.

8.    cautious

       be cautious about   谨慎小心        with caution 谨慎地;小心地

9.    eager   be eager to do  渴望做某事

     be eager for = be anxious for = be dying for = be desperate for = long for 渴望得到

10.   respond

    v.    respond  ________=react ________ 做出反应

n.  response  make a response to 作出回应  in response to 作为对的回应

11.   regardless of (prep.)   regardless (adv)   不管,不顾,不理会

     She always says what she thinks, ________________ other people's feelings.

     It rained heavily, but we carried on ________________.

12.   end up 最后成为,最终处于,后面跟动名词doing 或介词短语

    Take a break, John. If you continue working like this, you might end up in hospital.

    I ended up spending the night in the airport.

    end (up) with 而结束

    The festival ended with fireworks. 庆祝活动最后以燃放烟花作为结束。

    end in failure  以失败而告终      end in a tie  以平局而结束

13.   rely on = depend on = count on  依靠,依赖

You can rely on ________ __________he will help you.

14.   thanks to = due to = owing to = as a result of = because of   因为,由于

15.   committed(adj.) 尽心尽力的;坚定的,坚信的

                  be committed to sb. 忠诚于某人

    commit (v.) 犯罪,犯错误  commit a crime / a mistake / murder

               同意,承诺   commit oneself to doing sth = be committed to doing sth

commitment (n.)   make a commitment / promise  做出承诺

I6.   mercy          have mercy on=show mercy to  对某人表示怜悯,同情

                 at the mercy of    受…的摆布,任由…控制

第四课时Word power---Task---Project



【教学难点】would rather的用法小结

I.     You know I would rather visit the dentist than study algebra and arithmetic

      would rather(not)do sth宁愿做/不做某事

      would do sth rather than do sth=would ratber do sth than do sth 比起…宁愿做…

      would rather that sb had done sth  宁愿某人过去做过某事(虚拟)

                                sb did sth  宁愿某人现在或将来做某事(虚拟)

      would rather have done sth  宁愿某人过去做过某事但没做(虚拟)




2. Moving to a new town or area can be a difficult time.



1. stay up at night  熬夜           2. join the school badminton team 加入校羽毛球队

3. on the national team  在国家队  4. have no one to talk to 没有可以交谈的人

5. You’ve got a point. 你说到点子上了。点

Part II (Project)

1. The qualities ________ boys and girls consider important in a friend seem to be the same________________(不管)the basis of these friendships


2.When ________ (decide) ________ is most important in lifesome people choose money, ________ others choose things like security and comfort


3. I don’t mind _______ (be) alone, but then I saw all of the tourists _______ (have) their pictures __________(take) together,

4. Life is no fun without a companion to share it with. ___________________________

5.Friendship means ________________________ others.友谊意味着对他人忠诚。

6. The best way to have a friend is to be a friend. 拥有朋友的最佳途径就是做一个朋友。

7. We became better friends than before. However, if I ________________(end) our friendship, we ________________________(learn) nothing.


1. agree on the meaning of friendship就友谊的含义达成一致意见

2. different attitudes towards friendship对于友谊的不同态度

3. in conclusion总之          4. look back on our lives  回顾我们的生活

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